Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let it rain...

I've been absolutely revelling in the weather we've been having lately - mist, rain, supreme humidity... I really don't enjoy the usual Durban summer weather of blistering sunshine and buckets of sweat, but this I can do. Maybe even all year round.
The green of the plants looks so much greener, there's moss in the garden, it all looks so whimsical and mysterious. I like to pretend I'm in another place and time. Maybe Ireland.

Play this track while looking at these images to get the full effect and imagine you're there... It sounds like lying on the shore break at low tide with the waves lapping over you and the setting sun on your face, or lying in some breezy long grass and feeling the drizzle on your skin... Gives me goosebumps.

 The Garden by Savoire Adore

Unfortunately these photos aren't of Durban and aren't mine, but are the awesome work of Grey Barklay. I hope I get to travel as much as he has one day.
Listen to more from Savoire Adore here.