Saturday, September 17, 2011

I don't just deal with any vendor for my biggest web dreams: The best deals on servers

Not knowing my way around the server universe, as far as getting a site up and running or not, I have to turn to friends whom I trust. I only ask of those who I know to be straight up about which company(ies) treat(s) them the best. They have nothing in it to cheat for.

I ask my friends about what companies they deal with, and only those they deal with. There are no affiliate link recommendations here. Nobody is “pushing” you towards a link that anyone involved with in this article, makes a cent upon. We are unbiased. I'm earning the same on this coverage, whether you deal with anyone, or not. I, personally, am also unbiased.

On asking about where to find the best overall deal on ordering servers,out of twelve associates of mine, all who wish to remain anonymous, mentioned five, out of the twelve respondents, more than once. Out of those five, one company handling servers was mentioned the most. They're not even asking for link-back on this. Their opinion, like I said, is impartial.

On visiting their site, I see equipment competitively priced. Shipping arrangements and pages laid out properly. They might be mentioned the most to me, for good reason. When the time is right, they'll be my pick.